About us

The Friends of Cheney Row Park is a brand new group, run by and for local residents.

Waltham Forest Council has given Cheney Row Park a new lease of life and we want to take things further, placing the park at the heart of the community: a place everyone wants to visit, where you meet new people and say hello to old friends, learn new skills and enjoy the benefits of being outside.

Strengthening our community: a group for everyone

The Friends of Cheney Row Park is open to all and it’s free to join. Come along to our next meeting or join us at one of our events in the park to find out what the Friends of Cheney Row Park can do for you, and what you can do for the Friends of Cheney Row Park!

Increasing biodiversity: a place for nature to thrive

Our physical and mental well-being flourishes when we connect with nature and nature flourishes when we let it.
The Friends of Cheney Row Park is committed to increasing biodiversity in the park, making it a haven for birds, butterflies, insects and small mammals, for trees, grasses, plants and flowers. And by encouraging the natural environment to flourish, we hope our local community will flourish too.